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2011 is bringing some lovely seedlings, some as ornate as the southern daylilies but hardier! So busy making crosses right now - pics and seeds for sale coming in late July/August, I hope.

Image: 10-43

Image: 10-66 streaky

Above: Consistently Variegated 10-66 Below: Seedling "TT"

Image: sdlg TT

Image: seedling "Frizbee" (garden name) flat, ruffled, diamond dusted dip

seedling "Frizbee" garden name - because it's so flat. Diamond dusted large polychrome dip.


IL x MC shown with Happy Returns (smaller) for color/size comparison


this teeny dip probably belongs in the compost bin, but it makes me giggle. The sepals are very curly,


Variegated color plus some doubling - first year seedling - excited to see what it might do in a better, sunny location next year.

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