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Image: Mayflw'r Smokey

Fingers crossed for a litter in October 2017 from Hillside's Ella (German Angora) and our Mayflw'r Smokey (black otter Giant Angora). Ella and her brother Brady have fabulous density. Smokey has lovely fluff and I'm really hoping he will pass on his striking coloration. Both parents have sweet dispositions. Love them!

Image: Moose (a very big bunny!)


Image: torte & chestnut 8 wks

Chestnut and tortoiseshell at 8 weeks

Giant Angoras are multi-purpose rabbits, developed fairly recently for their luxurious fiber for spinning and also as a meat rabbit. I can't fathom eating these adorable rabbits which produce so much soft fiber and are wonderful pets. As a bonus, they do a great job of fertilizing the garden - a truly frugal pet! The only showable Giant Angora color right now is REW (albino) but a certificate of development has been obtained from ARBA for blacks and hopefully more colors will follow. These are Giant Angoras (not German), lines obtained from the developer of the breed who has created colored Giants from the start. Much as I love these buns, I need to sell a few, I'm out of hutch space! To careful loving homes only!

Angoras require some special care because of all that fiber. To prevent wool-block, which can be fatal, they need lots of hay (in addition to their pellets) and grooming. Minimum showable weight for bucks is 9.5 lbs (does 10 lbs.) - they are large rabbits and need individual large hutches/cages and a chance to run around. They love people and the bucks can be especially affectionate. I keep my buns in outside hutches in good weather in a fenced-in rabbit yard for added protection against dogs, coyotes, and other predators. Hot weather is dangerous when your fur coat is 8 times warmer than wool - when it's 80 degrees F or more they get frozen soda bottles filled with ice to lie against, or come inside to a shed with A/C.  They have a big exercise pen so they can run around, socialize, and do "binkies".

Image: chestnut agouti 8 wks

Sorry, can't hold rabbits without a deposit. The colored offerings can not be shown as Giant Angoras yet because only REW (albino) is accepted now; black COD is in the works for ARBA (hopefully more colors will follow). These are Giant Angoras (not German), lines obtained from the developer of the breed who has created colored Giants from the start, but perhaps they can be registered as German hybrids in IARGARB. Their descendants should be showable in ARBA shows if REW. The decision to use these bunnies as breeders is up to you based on your judgement; I am selling them as pets/woolers. No guarantee is provided except that the bunnies are healthy at time of sale; their continued health and the health of your rabbitry is up to you. You may wish to quarantine new bunnies before introducing them to your current stock.
Giants are great, friendly pets and produce lots and lots of fur for spinning or felting. Bunnies will come with some pellets to mix into your food for transition, and an instruction sheet. If you want a pedigree let's discuss - I have records.

Image: Black Otter and Ermine 3 months

Ermine (Snowfall) and Black Otter (Nightfall) does - ~3 months.  Dams of 2012 and 2013itters.  The Black Otter looks just like her mom, Evergreen Veronica. Dad is Evergreen Moose.  (yes, I know I should have another bun named Jughead, but...).

Image: Houdini (former escape artist) ~7 wks

Image: Black Silver Marten ~ 7 wks

If interested in purchasing a rabbit, please contact me at frugalperennial@earthlink.net For the sake of the bunny (and you) I reserve the right to cancel the sale if I think it's not a good match.

Image: Moose being lugged around

Image: Tortoiseshell baby ~7 wks

(fiber too!)

Fiber may be available, from my black, chinchilla, white, tortoiseshell (orange) and chestnut and coppery chestnut buns. Color is diluted in long angora hair (for instance, a black rabbit is only visibly black on its face, the long hair is more of a pale gray). Angora fiber doesn't itch and is incredibly warm on its own or can be blended. Contact frugalperennial@earthlink.net

Image: "Splashy" chestnut agouti, 6 months

Image: FlipFlop

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