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It's January 2013, and while I am puzzling over how to plant hundreds of different daylily crosses, because it's just so exciting seeing them bloom for the first time, I am also planning my vegetable gardening.  I just munched on some of myGleisdorfer hull-less pumpkin seeds, delicious even without roasting or seasoning or shelling!  So easy and the pumpkin flesh has fed us as well; made some yummy Pasta con Zucca (see Spring Warren's entertaining book on feeding the family on a small plot).  Thanks to the bunnies contribution to soil fertility (we have acidic salty sand, being close to the ocean), the peppers and eggplants of many colors were fabulous!  Four-way roaster pepper had a complex flavor; purple beauty always pushes lots of shiny peppers out; I could not keep up with the eggplants.  And, although I haven't grown it yet, Eastham Turnip is definitely on the list for this year.  I thought I hated turnip, but this one is so mild and sweet (and sells for $$ briefly in the market).  Eastham turnip is good by itself mashed and delicious in the Scottish version of potatoes au gratin called Rumpledethumps.  Mmmmm!  And turnip greens will be available even in very cold early spring, along with the kale.  Blue-green kale is pretty all winter long but Redbor kale needs to be added for the beautiful purple-burgundy leaves.  We can use lots for Portuguese kale soup and the bunnies love it too.  Where AM I going to fit all the plants I want to grow???


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